After Lake Mead the second largest man-made reservoir in  the US. It was created by flooding the Glen Canyon (and with it more than 90 side canyons), a colorado river canyon east of the Grand Canyon.


Just a short walk off the road we had these nice views on the colorado river.

Far down on the river we spotted some boats. That would be a nice thing to do…

“You have driven me from the East to this place and I have been here for two thousand years or more… My friends, if you took me away from this land it would be very hard for me. I wish to die in this land. I wish to be an old man here… I have not wished to give even a part of it to your chieftain. Though he were to give me a million dollars I would not give him this land…

When people want to slaughter cattle they drive them along until they get them to a corral, and then they slaughter them. So it was with us… My children have been exterminated; my brother has been killed.”

Standing Bear of the Poncas

indian painting

Big canyon – many photos ; )

Before setting out for the king of the canyons, one last morning hike in the lovely red rock area…