beautiful friend

“walking in beauty
walking in peace

all is my family

all the animals and plants
all the mountains, the forest and the sea

all is my family”


First hike in Yosemite valley…

the mist trail

the mist trail

The next morning we drove deeper into the valley of forests, mountains and waterfalls…

yosemite valley

yosemite valley

Now we were leaving the beautiful city of San Francisco and the fabulous coastline, heading farther eastwards, into the wild…

Entering Yosemite at dusk, we were seeking shelter in the first campsite we could find…


campsite at dusk

First thing we had to do was storing all our food in a big steel container. On a sign they stated: “protect Yosemite’s bears”. Come on! And who is protecting us?!!
The full story behind that is, as we found out later, that when a bear gets human food, it will roam the campsite over and over again and then has to be shot for the safety of the people. Bears are pretty smart and some of them even tear open your car when they see or smell something inside. Oh, did I mention we were sleeping in a tent? So – good night!


protect the bears!

First campfire in the wilderness and many more to follow. After the sun set it got cold again. Remnants of snow were still scattered in some shady corners of the forest…