Monthly Archives: May 2012

With this post the blog gets started. As some of you may know, after long years of disciplined life I´m travelling again, following the simple quote of Kurt Tucholsky: “Die größte Sehenswürdigkeit, die es gibt, ist die Welt – sieh sie dir an.”
For all of you who can´t be here with me (and peering over my shoulder, this seems to be the case with quite everybody), I want to share some of my impressions. And if anybody feels delighted by any of my photos, I will be as happy as you…


The taste of light was different from the Upper canyon. The stone was softer. The access was more difficult. But the excitement was the same, the beauty, the awe…


“I told the officer that this was a very bad business; that it was very bad for the commissioner to give such an order. I said it was very bad; that we ought not to fight, because we were brothers, and the officer said that that didn’t make any difference; that Americans would fight even though they were born of the same mother.”

Nicaagat of the White River Utes


A boat trip on the tamed Colorado river – nice rocks, amazing cliffs in high temperatures, topped with some cool petroglyphs – and some cool beers from the mexican guys…



“We never did the white man any harm; we don’t intend to… We are willing to be friends with the white man… The buffalo are diminishing fast. The antelope, that were plenty a few years ago, they are now thin. When they shall all die we shall be very hungry…”

Tonkahaska, Tall Bull, to General Scott Hancock


The Upper Antelope Canyon. A cathedral of light built by my favourite architects – wind, sand and water. Hold your breath – and enjoy…!